That Ain't Suppose To Happen

Someone said:
"What happens,
Is always what is,
Suppose to happen."

Even if it makes us dead?

What happens,
Is always what happens,
There is no doubt,
But, I suppose,
It didn't have to be that way.
I propose,
From logic you stray.

Beating babies?
That ain't suppose to happen!
There are no "maybe's"
It makes spirits damnpen.

(What use is child abuse?)

Bombing brides?
That ain't suppose to happen!
It nauseates my insides,
It makes spirits damnpen.

It's a mistake.
It's tough to hide genocide,
It's a mistake.
And, the digestion of starvation,
Is hard for me to swallow.
Why should millions wallow?
It's a mistake we can't afford to make,
It ain't suppose to happen,
It never should have been.


Suspects in child abuse cases have a common link
San Antonio Express News - Sep 13 5:31 PM
There's been another local child abuse case where the suspect is the man dating the child's mother. This has become a sad and sometimes deadly trend.

CHILDREN IN CRISIS: Zack -- Family of boy overcoming abuse makes tough choice to get him help he needs
September 14, 2004
Not when he is reminded of the fire that killed his three adopted siblings and nearly took his own life. Not when he thinks of the years of horrific neglect, physical and sexual abuse and constant shuffling from place to place. Not even when he's plucked out of his home and locked up in a juvenile detention center. Not once does Zack Brock cry in the presence of his adoptive parents, they say.

Darfur death toll 10,000 a month
Toronto Star - Sep 14 3:02 AM GENEVA
Up to 10,000 people, many of them children, are dying each month from disease and the effects of violence in camps in Darfur, Sudan, despite a big international aid effort, the World Health Organization said.

Afghan: U.S. bomb hits wedding party
July 1, 2002
BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (CNN) -- At least 20 people were killed and more than 60 injured in Afghanistan when a U.S. plane dropped a bomb on a wedding party as celebrants fired into the air, an Afghan defense spokesman.

US planes bomb wedding party in Iraq; 41 die
DUBAI, May 19, 2004 (Dawn): At least 41 civilians were killed on Wednesday in a US air raid on an Iraqi village celebrating a wedding. The Dubai-based Al Arabiya television network, quoting eyewitnesses in the town of Al Qaim, on the Syrian border , said the frontier village of Makr al Deeb was attacked before dawn.

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