MP3 Music Download: Debatable

I debate.
More like... a matching mate,
Than a debate.
Words of hate,
But, no debate.
Bore like... ya have to wait.

I debate,
If it's a debate... at all.
Get on the ball!
Or, watch your ratings fall"
Switch and bait,
No debate.
Take a quick poll,
Ain't that your roll?
The sameness,
Takes it's tool,
See lameness,
It's sooo droll.

I debate,
The existence,
Of your debate.
I debate,
The essence,
Of your presence,
I debate,
The soundness,
Of your thinking,
Sta, sta, stammer....
Like you've been drinking,
Bring down the hammer,
This show is stinking,
Get out the hook,
For either crook,
Close the curtain?
I'm certain.
At any rate,
There is no debate.

It's not debatable at all.

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