the cutting room floor

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  • Well, if you are just joining us ... ha, ha ... that is good ... cause this is the beginning. Since all involved found each other over the internet, we believe Glistening Flicks to be the first production company of it's kind. If you just "landed" on this page, you may want to check out the movie marquee.

    Our initial filming goal was to combine live action footage with a piece of the soundtrack. The live action "falling angel" footage was shot in New Mexico. The soundtrack was in Philadelphia ... the web server in yet a third location.

    So, we've moved the sight, to the sound, and combined them together. The live action shot was then supplemented with cgi (computer graphic images) allowing us to blend in the theme of the "hole". The completed "rush" was then placed on the web server machine. The final step of it's internet journey will be to your computer.

    The piece of the movie we have chosen to experiment with is called The Ride. It is about that feeling you get when you have the guts to pass through a barrier -- like riding a wave. Sometimes you don't plan on passing through the barrier. You just let your defenses down and go with your gut.

    If you click here, you will download a 13M file of the entire video. (WARNING! this will take about an hour and a half with a 14.4 modem.)

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