Welcome to the Membrane Domain

This web was established by musicians, writers, computer wizards, businessmen, videots, and just plain ole' interested individuals.

We have entitled the project:

The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment


Fed-up with archaic systems... and frustrated with unsuccessful attempts to alter them... we decided to to just "do". Perhaps, in the same vein as our forefathers?


The goal of the spirit experiment is to utilize R&D (research and development of business/art/science models) to directly contribute to the preservation of mankind. How could we help to replace the formalized formulas that have taken the "kind" out of mankind? Could we help put the spirit back into life?


Our attempt is to use our past experiences to help us make the present count for tomorrow... sure doesn't sound radical to me.

The idea is being put to practice (or should I say lack-of practice) with music , publishing, business, moving pictures and more.

The original idea became so popular that we developed KingArthur.com a whole domain built on altruism.

Whether you decide to participate or just to educate, we hope it is at least a good time @ The Membrane Domain. The web is an extension of our approach -- it is alive. Each time you tune-in, it could be a completely different experience. So, feel free to visit and explore as often as you like. We apologize for bad "links" and spelling errors. When you find a problem, or if you would like to comment, we would appreciate it if you let us know. No matter what your problem or question, feel free to make contact.

Thanks for listening.

Well, I hope you are able to get the gist of where we are coming from. I truly hope you have a good time.

C. Moore

Created by: brouse and sidd [25 December 94]

All text, sights and sounds by BROUSE