Will (The W Is Silent)

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How do you feel?
Will we make it,
For real?
Or, did we forfeit,
Our free(w)ill?

Will ill,
Be our fill?
Will (w)ill,
Their mission,
And, fix our position,
As they try to capture,
The rapture?
Will double U,
Be the demise,
Of you?
It's no surprise.

He's silenced you,
Lied to you,
There's a double U.

He's killed for you,
Indebted you,
There's a double U.

... Robbed rights from you,
Squished what's left of the left for you,
There's a double U.

What religious quackery,
Are they trying to fulfill?
I just can't see...

Please remember... if you (w)ill,
The W is silent,
You better comply with it,
Or they will silence you, too.

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