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The musical multimedia projects of The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment are "clickable" in the guide below. All songs are written and performed live (see Handcrafted Music and Chaos Theory for more details on human acoustics).

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In 1986, several people happened together and proceeded to jam in their Philadelphia cave. Not a group of people getting together for the purpose of fame and fortune, but rather an experiment in spirit, mind and body. The spontaneous get-togethers are a strange thing to try n' explain....

The band of minstrels becomes known as the Electric Slugs. As Electric Slugs leave glistening trails, the organizational side of the team formed Glistening Trail Records. After some rites-of-passage, the Force became stronger... and Glistening Web Communications Corporation, whose sole purpose is to help mankind, was formed.

The Original Internet Record Company

Though the history of the world wide web is muddy, it appears through the murk that Glistening Trail Records was the first record company to create internet albums. In 1994, seven albums were released. Their album covers are web addresses. The music was distributed over the internet, and because of bandwidth and browser restrictions, made available on cassette, cd, CDROM, and mini-disc at low cost or for free.

The concept of the internet album is a bit bizarre... it can change with the times. The following list contains the original 1994 webpage, as well as the current version:


  1. The Electric Slugs
  2. The Cave Dwellers
  3. Yzark
  4. Mother Nature's Suns
  5. Watch For Falling Angels
  6. A Bizarre Bazaar
  7. RSD
  1. Industrial Noize Pollution
  2. The Cave Dwellers
  3. Yzark
  4. Mother Nature's Suns
  5. Watch For Falling Angels
  6. Mega Epix Enormous
  7. S.I.D.D.

BONUS Project
The Labyrinth From the original 7 projects, we started educating and collaborating on a conceptual collection of songs. The idea was quite unique at the time -- an interactive record album made on the world wide web.


1995 brought many new information-age music projects, like Industrial Noize Pollution, Spontaneous Combustion, The Soul Receptacles, Crond and many more... but, the most interesting development of the year was the new multimedia team known as Glistening Flick's Multimedia Movie Making Madhouse and the corresponding soundtrack group known as Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers.

The Ride debuted as the first "made for the internet" multimedia single. It continues to be one of the most requested files.

Still, ASCAP and others did not acknowledge our existence.


Early in the next year, work started on the multimedia project Yore Killin' Me and the sound collection called Smokin' Blue Grass. Since the amount of memory required to store all these projects was getting out-of-control, additional CDROM burners and players were put to work to create a ROM for on the internet.

Others were catching on to the activity at The Membrane Domain. Outsiders were welcomed and turned into insiders... a CDROM Jukebox was turned on... Pandora's RomBox was born.

The new components were blended together for storage and distribution purposes on CDROM Volume I. Then CDROM Volume II filled up in a hurry. The additional archives from this period can be seen as CDROM 3. The meaning to the archives can be found by exploring The Paradox of Pandora's Rombox.


It was time for sum sorta scientifical hypothesis at this point. So-called "Serious Testing" needed to be documented and Acoustics of the Chaos Theory came to life. Volume V contains the details of the study.

The third project undertaken by Glistening Flicks was unwrapped: Requiem for the Living Dead. The songs delving deeper into the "sound of the sound" and "the harshness of reality" were put together as an Industrial Noize Pollution project entitled Caustic Acoustics. The songs delving deeper into the "meaning of the sound" and the "beauty of reality" were combined to form The Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers' RomBox Paradox... and quite a Pandora's RomBox it is turning out to be.

CDROM's Volume VII, CDROM 9 and CDROM 10 continued to offer plenty of sound choices, but also evidenced the increase in multimedia and newmedia projects. Also of note is the increase in outside artists that are working with us. Miles To Oz is a living example of what grew out of one weekend during this time period.

Finally, after having bits and pieces of Christmas stuff scattered about, we compiled an Internet Christmas Album. And, do you know what? It's so fun and wacky that you might as well make every day Christmas... at least, that is what the rest of the world seems to think. Each day the Christmas Album is enjoyed by thousands of people from around the world.


After years in the laboratory, S.I.D.D. finally saw the light of day on New Year's Eve. S.I.D.D. is interactive.

Ygraine, mother of King Arthur, is also the mother of MegaEpix Enormous (a multidimensional multimedia thingie). The cornerstone of the epic is an impromptu performance of Pink Floyd's The Wall. There are plenty of hidden gems, as well. For instance, we started experimenting with "frames in a frame" video. The cover of the Moody Blue's Voices In The Sky is an example of combining the frames in a frame with a live soundtrack.

For the Memorial Day Weekend, we hosted the Concert to Benefit Relief From the Psychedelic Awe Tax. Over the summer, we worked on Passages Of The Labyrinth. In the fall, Instrumental In My Development was released. By late autumn, the on-line construction of Double Taxation... Without Representation? had begun. And, who would of thought there would be 2 hit singles for the holiday season, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and And, A Happy-hazard New Year.


MPEG (Motion Picture Expert Group). When we came onto the Internet, our dream was for the day when the average person could download MP3 sound and MP4 video. That day has come.

Our first project for 1999 was to start organizing our library of mpeg files. You can click here to find out more.

To Cause A Change turns out to be a force to reckon with. In fact, the result was the largest production in our history. The resulting series of extreme experiments in multimedia has become known as X Spirit Meants. The extreme videos have gained such a large audience that it has turned into the Urban Assault website.

Since so many of our dreams have come true, we thought it to be our responsibility to share our good fortune. The next Multimedia series turned into a production called The Dream Actualization Inquiries. It is an interactive test set-up to help make your dreams come true.

As we approached summer, quite a few singles were released. Among them were: The Paradox Of Pandora's RomBox, Fly Like An Eagle, Bottomless Pit, (What's So Funny) 'Bout Peace, Love & Understanding, and Amazin' !

For July 4th, a new independent collection was celebrated -- Independence Day. The project helped to solidify our work with As it is our mission to convey universal messages through music, this marked a milestone for Glistening Trail Records.

On the subject of universal messages, Narley Marley started giving "Love & Hate" the world beating. After years of swimming in the roots of Jamaica, Narley started to sing out on the experience.

In the fall, we got into a real pickle when Hubris brought a 110 volt jolt to the studios.

This year's Christmas project -- an adaptation of Genesis' Supper's Ready.


On January 1st, 2000, Techno Bad Bones came to life. This project led to five projects:

Recently we published a couple of hundred songs, moving over 500 Megs of multimedia to the internet in a single day. It was a Glistening Trail Record for both the number of songs and the volume of MP3s. Whew! Dat's alot.

Happy Easter. It has happened! A dreamer's dream has come true -- we are working on a project with Peter Gabriel and friends called & the Feast to Benefit Humankind. And, the oddest part is that it resulted from our Christmas present of Supper's Ready. I guess it just goes to show: the more you give, the more you shall receive.

As a result of Peter Gabriel's help, a new band has formed called The Slippermen. Of course, we love recording old Genesis songs... but, we also are having a good time working on original material. Since musical content is being produced faster than we can write webpages, a project directory entitled Caught Up Inda Works has been created.

On the eve of the true millenium, we thought we should do a musical tribute to the dawning of a new age -- 2001: A Space Rock Odyssey.


So, what are you waiting for? Come on and open the RomBoxes....

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